i wish for you

i wish for you nothing but the best,nothing but the best for you,my future,my dear,your tiny hands, your tiny feet,your big, big heart,i wish for you everything i didn’t have,all the good and the bad,i wish for you the lows and the highs,the pain and the calm,and, above all,i wish for you a future,a brightContinue reading “i wish for you”

I Wish

I Wish to fly among the stars,a soaring comet in the dark night sky. I Wish to laugh with the nymphs,a forever life in a green forest deep. I Wish to sing with the mockingbirds blue,a concert for love, not for glory. I Wish to pet a unicorn’s mane,run my fingertips along its shimmering horn.Continue reading “I Wish”

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