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summer woes

in the summer,the sun burns his brand into my skini bake in the heat, hunkering in the shade. in the summer,i fear the outsidewhen the earth hurts a little more,when i wilt a little more. in the summereverything looks different,the harsh light begs you to see the brightin life. in the summer, everything a bitContinue reading “summer woes”


we often forgetwith our fancy names and fancy titles and fancy characters,that we are all human,and we all hurt, bleed, and cry the same,and that we are linked in the most intimate of ways – through our hearts that beat,not only for our own person,but for the global humanity that quakes on the crumbling earth.

white swan reborn

feathers of a white swanpainfully torn away,left crumpled in the dirt. purity and goodnesswhipped awayby cruel overseers till only bare flesh,hanging in strips,remains. and the sun hides behind mountains,clouds snuff out the moon and starstill only darkness remains and when daylight comes again a black swan is born