I looked for the sun,day after day,my hands always reaching outto cup a bit of that flame – save it for myself. I looked to be the best,looking for that gold that I wanted to decorate my room with,but my greed was never satisfied,and the world’s gold wasn’t enough. I looked to the horizonas myContinue reading “burnt-out”

Hopes and Dreams

She closes her eyesCold chill dies against warm hopeDreams lovely at night. Winter bird in springDreams twittering on birch treeWaiting for a mate. Jar of dreams and starsIn his calloused hand bouncingHopes of happy life. Hospital room whiteBreaths rattling my bodyHopes and dreams walk out. Loving home shattersGlass shards digging in her feetDreams for betterContinue reading “Hopes and Dreams”

Bucket Lists: Hopes and Dreams

When you are lying on your deathbed, will you feel despondent or serene? Will you fight and scream for a second chance, or fade away with the current? Will you bemoan lost opportunities, or will you smile and say you did everything you could? Our lives are caught up in work and school that itContinue reading “Bucket Lists: Hopes and Dreams”

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