lovers over greed

money can fill pocketswith its greed and leathery feelwhispered assurances of futures secured,comfy couches, empty houses,beautiful women but nothing comparesto the fullness in my heart,warm flood from your love and nothing comparesto laughter in our small housesoft stolen kisses our hands intertwinedmouths brushing, our hearts touching,i always choose you.

my star in my darkest night

amidst the stifling blanket of darkest night, i am thankful for the pinpricks of starlights that shine through 一 from the dreamers who once walked the same path as me, who paved the way for me who raised me, who provide my inspiration, who walked besides me despite the twists and turns, who put meContinue reading “my star in my darkest night”

Home Is The Heart

Home is not where you are,Nor where my family resides. Home is not a structure of wood and plaster,Nor a burrow in the ground. Home is not where I live,or where I sleep. Home is a feeling,a coil around my heart. Home is the smiles and the laughterof my friends and family. Home is happiness,wrappedContinue reading “Home Is The Heart”

Why You Need To Follow Your Heart

Following your heart is a common phrase, one that is repeated so many times that it seems to hold no more meaning. However, it is one of the most important rules to follow in life, even when at crossroads, following your head seems to be the better idea. The heart, not the actual organ inContinue reading “Why You Need To Follow Your Heart”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17- Ways to Win My Heart

This was quite an interesting prompt to write about. Ways to win my heart. Never thought seriously about this one before. Also, weird topic to write about. Did I mention that already? Is it me or is it a bit awkward right now? Anyways, here are 7 ways to win my heart. Listen to meContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17- Ways to Win My Heart”

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