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the broken

her hair hangs in jagged edgesits teeth caressing her pale neck.her eyes surrounded with dark ringsher thin pink lips chapped. she flinches away from your touch,not from hate but from fearthe last time someone touched her thereshe woke up with butterfly bruises. she’s skeptical about everything you sayeven when you claim they are truthsbecause theContinue reading “the broken”

Love is…

Love is like the taste of hot chocolateOn a chilly winter night. Love is like a butterfly landing on your handDuring the sweet-smelling spring time. Love is like laughing too hardUntil you begin crying tears of joy. Love is like slow dancing in the middle Of a party jam. Love is like peppery kisses downContinue reading “Love is…”

The Little Things Matter

Feel the sun light stream through the windows. Listen to the birds chirping outside. Feel the smooth wooden surface of your desk underneath your fingers. Savor the warm linger of coffee in your mouth. Take in every laugh you have with your family or friends and save them in a padlocked box. Put makeup onContinue reading “The Little Things Matter”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9- Happiness is Subjective

Ah. I get to use my favorite phrase again. Happiness is subjective. Truly, it is. For one person, drawing fantastical characters on paper makes them happy. For another, drawing makes them frustrated and angry, and makes them want to throw paper cups across the room (Me!). But happiness is not feeling happy. It’s feeling contentContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9- Happiness is Subjective”

We All Have a Story to Tell

Dark brown hair, tilted brown eyes, tanned skin. Blonde wavy hair, blue glittering eyes, fair skin. Dark curly brown hair, intense dark brown eyes, coffee-colored skin. We all have a story to tell. Past our skin color, past our look, past our personality. A person once told me we have three hearts. One heart weContinue reading “We All Have a Story to Tell”

Flying in the Clouds

The girl jumped into the air, her gray feathered wings spreading wide and catching the wind. She whooped with joy as she soared upwards and then downwards, following the trajectory of the birds in front of her. Her dark hair flew every which way, forming a halo around her head. Her brown eyes glittered, andContinue reading “Flying in the Clouds”