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otherworldly etherealstrange features, lilting languageencompassing fear, inspiring aweone-hundred differences, one-hundred similaritiesraven beauty, exotic laughter,milky-white throat, wine-red lips,kind words, broken tears… the people’s jealousy,the noose around her neck,the rope snaps,no sound,all is lost otherworldly beautygolden halo, ruby blood,too beautiful for this world we reject those different from us.

slanted sunlight

the slanted sunlightform a halo on your facehappy days, new hope Just a small haiku for y’all on this cold yet sunny day in California. Wanted to say thank you for giving me the motivation everyday to wake-up and write, even amidst school work and all the pressures of life. 200 followers, everyone! Let’s travelContinue reading “slanted sunlight”