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seasons personified

spring immortal youth shines,rain and warmth forged gentle skiesunder gold heavens summer and icarus died,golden pride burning awayblue waters calm rage autumn Death carried summer,fair mistress buried beneathshroud of burnt red leaves winter exhaling last breath,now Death returned to claim allwhite snow – the graveyard


warm glow through the roomfiltered orange and yellow flickering, dancing across the blank wallsand the contours of your face,tracing the edges of the warm blanketcovering your bare body,the curves of your legs the dips of your hipsthat impish grin you give mewhen the sunlight shines across your red lipsthat taste like hot chocolatesloshing in yourContinue reading “fireplace”

lovers over greed

money can fill pocketswith its greed and leathery feelwhispered assurances of futures secured,comfy couches, empty houses,beautiful women but nothing comparesto the fullness in my heart,warm flood from your love and nothing comparesto laughter in our small housesoft stolen kisses our hands intertwinedmouths brushing, our hearts touching,i always choose you.

cali fires

beaches and palm trees,tanned sand, frothy turquoise waves,smell of salt in air. burnt plants, fallen trees,charred to perfection, blackened,gray smoke in the air. beaches and palm trees,red fire and black destruction,the land of the burnt. The fires in California are currently casting a heavy cloud on the atmosphere, both literally and figuratively. The sky outsideContinue reading “cali fires”