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i am a Goddess who is not a good, for i wish not for immortality but for the End.

rainy thoughts

the heavens weep for all of those it has lost to the merciless winter sweeping across desert lands with a heavy hand, sparking no glance to the gray huddled masses crowded around a single burning fire. but hope can only burn for so long, and it sputters out as the heavens weep along with theContinue reading “rainy thoughts”


the night is dark,with a slight breeze in the air,as the moonlight glistensoff the rippling waves of the lake. i can see the lights of the city above us,flickering lights that waver and steady,and can almost imagine the chaos of nightlife,and the hustle and bustle still continuing,even to morning hours. but, here, it is justContinue reading “lantern”

Remembrance to the Darkened Flag

On this day, 9/11, nineteen years ago in the year of 2001, the Twin Towers fell. The Pentagon was hit. A plane crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania. On this day, 9/11, nineteen years ago in the year of 2001, people died.Mass chaos and destruction reigned.Heroic saviors of a diverted plane lost their lives. OnContinue reading “Remembrance to the Darkened Flag”