rambles of the lost

if i were to start writing about my lifemy pages would stay blankwith unfilled lines, maybe the occasional scribble,the doodles that bleed through pagesinto the wooden desk underneathand my finger – a drop of blood crowning the tip – will shake till a masterpiece of blood and tearsadorned the page – these rambles trip andContinue reading “rambles of the lost”

mad queen

there’s a river winding through my palace,made of gold, glistening and shimmering,i dip my feet into it every morning,wash my face in its holy waters,thanks for that, fools,you bought me this liquid gold,i gift you this black coal. your poisonous words hit my coat,gave me a lion’s roar – queen of the jungle, I stalkedContinue reading “mad queen”

silver instead of gold

i was born out of a kiln,glistening and ready to shine,silver accents glinting on metal skin,starlight in darkest night. but my creators wanted pure gold,the color of wealth, fortune, and luck,and instead they were stuck with me whose yellow wasn’t enoughand whose silver wasn’t the best. so i sat on the highest shelf,year after year,rustingContinue reading “silver instead of gold”

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