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prophets and lore

the real prophets find their wayweaving the universe’s threadsbetween stars and galaxies,forever scorned, they resideon the brinks of society,cursed to be ignored and forgotten,for their warnings to go unheard,presence blurred,their existence upheldonly by the secrets of the universewhispered into their ears,the swirling galaxies become their eyesas pressing silence pressestheir sanity into a bottleand soon theyContinue reading “prophets and lore”


rainy day dreams

rainy day drearywith water blues drippingdown crying window panes. beneath hug of warm blanketgrateful heat a cocoonagainst chills creeping up. in sweet pillows of dreamswith galaxies of unique colorbeaming across dark matter. flying among the cloudsuncaged by the confines of a human body,past glittering Little Dipper. past heaven’s tears dripping onto your back,precious water likeContinue reading “rainy day dreams”


on the scratchy grassdigging past the thick layers of her windbreaker,arms spread, eyes disbelieving,dark sky filled with pinpricks of light – were the stars taped on? – glimmering and shining and dreaming,to see constellations tell the mighty storiesof the fallen,to see the galaxy in which they belonged topast the smoke of the city,cloudy fear andContinue reading “nostalgia”