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peter pan

i want to stay in the land of sun,the land with no rain,where it is all fun and games,laughter and child’s play. i want to stay in the land of smiles,where our feet can walk milesand never feel tired,with boundless energy like the Nile. i want to stay in the land of no worries,where financeContinue reading “peter pan”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4- Places I want to Visit

The city I live is like a stranger to me. I’ve lived here for fifteen years, and there are still people I don’t know, places I’ve never visited… But it’s home. Home is where the heart is. But where my head is, I have no idea. My head wants to visit so many places inContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4- Places I want to Visit”

A Day in the Life of a High Schooler in Quarantine

It’s boring. Everything’s boring right now. Happiness is subjective. Others may be happy in quarantine, but I’m aching to go out. (But the staying at home part instead of going to school is great! So is the “happiness is subjective” part.) I will be giving you a day in the life of a high schoolerContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a High Schooler in Quarantine”

Day 23: Opposite Day

Opposite day was today’s challenge. Or shall I say, wasn’t today’s challenge? 😉 I really wish today ended up on a Wednesday. It would be a perfect combination. Anyhow, it was a bit hard to wire my brain around opposites and saying things in the opposite tense, but I eventually got it worked out. OfContinue reading “Day 23: Opposite Day”

Day 18: No Phones

People say teenagers can’t live without their phone. We’re glued to it. We can’t take our eyes from it. So I thought this challenge would be hard, especially considering how much YouTube I watch. And YouTube was off limits this challenge too, so… I survived. And it was much easier. We set out our phonesContinue reading “Day 18: No Phones”

Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort

Fridays are for relaxing. And what better way for relaxing than building a pillow fort? Pillow forts are the epitome of relaxation. In fact, when you picture relaxation, you picture a pillow fort. At least, you will after reading this. The key aspects of a pillow fort are comfort, something in the middle to giveContinue reading “Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort”