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light and shadow

in the light… sparkling glitterpainting red porcelain lipssoft smile, rosy cheeks voice of an angelfallen from the high heavensgolden harp in hand a powerful soulcrushing expectationsshattered records left. in the shadows… pearly drops of bloodspill from cracked lips of raw skintears drip on bare floor a hoarse voice destroysher self-worth; mic thrown asidei can neverContinue reading “light and shadow”

forgotten, beaten, ignored

on these sidewalks crackedred paints the winding crevasses around my feet – in the deep shadows,our hands reach out to the light,but they walk by, blind. chaos on the street,crowds skirting around the dead bodykicked to the curb. the pool of blood reaches our hands,dip our fingers into holy water forgotten,rain pours down from theContinue reading “forgotten, beaten, ignored”

of “love” forgotten

words are never enough.English words of love, heart, and beauty thrown around in society without another thought,forgotten, trodden on,superficial – a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes,kisses from habit, not from the heart.moonlight skips across the surface of the lake, rippling. the stone sinks from its burdened grief – i try to reach you, butContinue reading “of “love” forgotten”