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lovers over greed

money can fill pocketswith its greed and leathery feelwhispered assurances of futures secured,comfy couches, empty houses,beautiful women but nothing comparesto the fullness in my heart,warm flood from your love and nothing comparesto laughter in our small housesoft stolen kisses our hands intertwinedmouths brushing, our hearts touching,i always choose you.


sharing is out of reachmy possessions belong to meand i would never be taught,till you came around,with your shining eyes and glossy hair,so i broke a piece of my heart offand gave it to you,and watched as you polished it and kissed it,and kept it safe,while you gave me a part of yours,and i treasuredContinue reading “sharing”

it may just be

it may just bethe smile on your face,the warm glow of the hearth,the pitter-patter of the rain,or the mug in your hand. it may just be,your hands in mine,like interlocking puzzle pieces,your talons aimed to protect,your words aimed to love. it may just be,our explosive fightsand beautiful make-ups,the pink roses and chocolatesyou handed me onContinue reading “it may just be”