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wearing a mask, not to protect, but to breathe

It began in early September,where the sun made his bed in the early hours of day,and retired to his study in the late hours of the afternoon. Cloth coverings, of black and white matter,were used to protect the peoplefrom breathingin the virus. The sun rose one day,and with it rose the flaming pits offire.And sparksContinue reading “wearing a mask, not to protect, but to breathe”

smoky clouds

there’s a lingering smell of smoke in the air. the clouds are gray… ash swirls around us, like an old friend, embracing the fire who has brought ash alive. the sun is red, fiery fireball, about to E X P L O D Eand we can’t help it. cough and cough and cough,but you can’tContinue reading “smoky clouds”

We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel

We are living in a dystopian novel. Ash decorates our shirts like a faux fur coat. Every breath we take shudders from the small particles that threatens to tear our lungs apart. And the smoke continues to rise. Red, orange flames decorate the horizon. Our mouths taste of fear. They are dry. The fire hasContinue reading “We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel”