prophets and lore

the real prophets find their wayweaving the universe’s threadsbetween stars and galaxies,forever scorned, they resideon the brinks of society,cursed to be ignored and forgotten,for their warnings to go unheard,presence blurred,their existence upheldonly by the secrets of the universewhispered into their ears,the swirling galaxies become their eyesas pressing silence pressestheir sanity into a bottleand soon theyContinue reading “prophets and lore”

burning lights

spotlights cast me in the spotlightabove the screams in the nightreaching hands pull at my seamsand, under the moonlight, it truly seemsi am an ethereal sprite from unanswered dreams,but, beneath the bright light,lies a churning sight where streams run dry,and the light of the fire burns the esteemed into a shaky regime.


i drew you five years ago. sharp charcoal lines – cheekbones, angles, body – fiery red hair and lipstick to match,tangoing among the wreckageas the world burned behind you sharp tongue and a wit to match,decisive, confident, beautiful,red heels, stiletto nails,a fire burned within you. today i drew you again. your tangled hair hiding yourContinue reading “faded”

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