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Our Last Stand

The darkness falls,with it the stars flicker out,one by one. The sun, fiery flame of heaven,snuffed out,like a flickering candleby barest human breath. Screams echo through the night,inhumane creatures roam the street,sharped fanged violence,sweet, sweet blood,they call out for. We are on the front-lines,bedraggled and half-dead,freshly out of high school,our shoulders crumbling underthe weight ofContinue reading “Our Last Stand”

Broken Dreams

Shattered glass across the floor,Woven threads of red along the edgesAnd there she is…Lying so still. And I scream when the bear shouts“Goldilocks!” and I turn confusedOnly to be hit by an incoming carAnd shoved into a bed of medium size. Help, please, he begged,Tears were tracing down his face,But I didn’t move.He deserved it.Continue reading “Broken Dreams”

Hopes and Dreams

She closes her eyesCold chill dies against warm hopeDreams lovely at night. Winter bird in springDreams twittering on birch treeWaiting for a mate. Jar of dreams and starsIn his calloused hand bouncingHopes of happy life. Hospital room whiteBreaths rattling my bodyHopes and dreams walk out. Loving home shattersGlass shards digging in her feetDreams for betterContinue reading “Hopes and Dreams”

Sometimes You Just Need To Cry

Raindrops patter on window sillTears weeping down your weary faceThunder grows louder stillThe flowers wilt in the vase. You wipe a tear flowing from your eyeAs lightning flashes within the nightYour shoulders slump as you sighAnd still tears run with might. The thunderstorm ends with a final mighty boomYour hair is a mess, your eyesContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Need To Cry”

A Story of the Lost and Found

When she fell, she did not get up. Chains anchored her to ground, and all she could do was look up and see the pinprick of light streaming in from the opening so far away. When she fell, she did not scream. She did not call out because her voice was too raw from yellingContinue reading “A Story of the Lost and Found”