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hands grabbing my feet,so cold, too cold, let me go,breaths stolen away Her rise to the top was mercurial. It was breath-taking. It was beautiful. She stripped away the corruption in the world, like silk dropping from her lithe body. No one recognized her from high school. he touched me again,i screamed and he bitContinue reading “survivors”



it was true love at the first sight.(unrequited true love) i saw him. his face. the contours of his cheekbones.the way the sunlight played on his eyes (beautiful eyes – ocean blue) he did not see me. his right hand was occupied. he was laughing.he smiled at the girl next to him, and i couldContinue reading “unrequited”

Dark Shadows

The life of James McHolmes was a good one. He was an orphan, who rose to the top dizzingly fast. His charisma, bright smiles, and good lucks brought audiences to his success. His foster mother described him as a “wonderful child. Exceedingly bright. So kind.” His friends claimed he was the “nicest person you couldContinue reading “Dark Shadows”


the water is smothering me. I smile, wondering at the foreign feeling on my face. The numbness helps, I decide, as I laugh off their perfect sharp jokes flying towards me, creating a shield of apathy. am i drowning? The chocolate melts on my mouth, but I can’t bring myself to care too much aboutContinue reading “drowning”

When the Storm Falls

When the storm fallsAnd darkness threatensThe ravens cawAnd the pain sets in. Don’t let your smileCover your tears.Let your friends walk a mileTo assuage your fears. No need to stand strongWhen the wind blows.No need to have your guards up longAmong the shrieking shadows. Cry on my shoulderLike when we were kids.Even though we areContinue reading “When the Storm Falls”

the young

fiery red slashes dancing across table topspulsing muse and dark room mellow orange slices eating on lavendar couchfeet in the air, dream about the future bright yellow pencil rolling across scratched desktick tock time is running away emerald green grass beneath our fresh green feetnerves run high, college is near tearful clear blue on brightContinue reading “the young”

Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

A girl swathed with moonlight,With hair flowing from ebony silk,Dark lustrous eyes shining with light of the stars,Slender body whirling at night. A girl with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue,Eyes that flash with flames with provoked,Beauty is not her concern,Neither is fame or fortune. Hatred against the merest slights,Shifting temper with a blowContinue reading “Girl With Stars in Her Eyes”

Death Waits For No One

Death reaches out a pale bony handFrom underneath his ebony night cloak,Sweeping back his hood in this strange land, Face of nightmares and dreams provoked. He points at a the sturdy ivy-strewn ridge,Wipes your brow with a gentle finger,And leads you across the floating bridge,The grey mist tells you not to linger. Death does notContinue reading “Death Waits For No One”

Writing: A Therapy for the Lost

I began writing in my journal when I was young. Our mother, a Chinese immigrant, was worried that our English would be scrabbled amidst the Chinese and English dialogue. She made us sit down and forced us to write journal entries over the summer on the topics she chose. Eventually, journal writing was not aContinue reading “Writing: A Therapy for the Lost”