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one small breath, light on my fingertips

one small breath, light on my fingertips,downy raven hair plastered to pale skin,and green, green eyes that stare back at me,innocence and love in one gaze. but reality comes and takes you away,four months and then gone,a whisper in wind,tainted only by the metallic smell of blood. i think of all the times that weContinue reading “one small breath, light on my fingertips”


Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School

We find sexual assault immensely hard to talk about. Even in my high school, there is a lack of conversation about this topic, regarding both females and males because, yes, males can be sexually assaulted as well. There may be an outcry in the public world and social media world about MeToo and greater supportContinue reading “Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School”