pain and panic

and then came the planes,low and roaring,as the sun rose – fiery flames,ball of gas and light – the screams, the shouts,the pain – there was a pain in her left shoulder,she didn’t dare look,but the pain the pain the pain,but she still kept running,and the planes kept roaringand the people kept screaming … theContinue reading “pain and panic”

run, run, run

the school halls are quiet,too quiet,the sound of pops, laughter, then screams,and then pounding feetof hallowed eyes red flush in cheeksfear,run, run, run,the big bad wolf is chasing you,and the pops and the screams echo behind you,as you run into the quiet and the grass,and inside,the wet of blood runslike a bloody river down whiteContinue reading “run, run, run”

the broken

her hair hangs in jagged edgesits teeth caressing her pale neck.her eyes surrounded with dark ringsher thin pink lips chapped. she flinches away from your touch,not from hate but from fearthe last time someone touched her thereshe woke up with butterfly bruises. she’s skeptical about everything you sayeven when you claim they are truthsbecause theContinue reading “the broken”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3- A Memory

I was sitting here, scratching my head, wondering what memory to write about. It seems when you truly think about memories, it floats just out of your grasp, taunting you. But when you’re fondly thinking of good times without actually trying, the memory turns into a real, solid event that you can taste on theContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3- A Memory”

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