30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13- Favorite Book

I’ve read many books in my fifteen years of living. Maybe too many books. Yet no book, or, rather, series hit me directly in my heart than the Throne of Glass series. The characters in the book were well-rounded and had their own flaws, much like a regular human. But no character really vibed withContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13- Favorite Book”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12- Favorite TV Show

I have recently started watching TV shows due to all the quarantine time. Unfortunately, I do find myself constantly sitting in front of the television, especially in the afternoon. My favorite TV Show(s) are: Chicago P.D. This show follows the police department of Chicago as they take down so-called “bad guys” of Chicago. It isContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 12- Favorite TV Show”

Favorite Songs + Favorite TV Shows

Sunday Funday! What better day than to tell ya’ll my favorite songs and favorite TV shows? I’ll start off with my favorite TV shows. There’s only three. Chicago PDHalstead? Upton? Burgess? Ruzek? Come on, they’re great. Voight’s great as well… And the best thing about quarantine is that they’re constantly doing Chicago PD marathons. NCIS:Continue reading “Favorite Songs + Favorite TV Shows”

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