the dreamers,oh! the dreamers will turn this worldinto a fine place,interwoven fine threads of faterewound, the Three Fateson stand-by, halted, the world watcheswith bated breath,the stars, when seen, glow brighteron the stage, the night, the skiesbreak into laughter from the heavens,for the dreamers,staking their profits across the world,walk on water,the children of Morpheus take theContinue reading “dreamers”

empty dreams

is it these pressures that balance on my shoulders,these rocks tumble precariously,until my entire self crumbles? i dissolve, a nothing against a haze of somethingand everything disappears. am i just a hallucination?i want to be a mirage, disappear at first glance,an image of what you want,an image of what you can never find. the oasisContinue reading “empty dreams”


individuals,we mark x on the same map,on the same earth,we occupy different spots – our niche, we dominate – we fall to predators,chase after prey, our own islands,we drift by ourselves,individuals with different tastesand personalities and looks,yet the bonds of fate,cruel red strings,tie us together,linked in the same ocean,the empty expanse of landless lonely,where predatorContinue reading “archipelago”

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