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to others, to them

what is unique to others,they despise,strange aliensthey attempt to torture. what is success to others,they put downas failuresand attributeto false attributes. what is beauty to others,they scoff,and paint tarover gleaming porcelain. what is happiness to others,they covertheir eyes from the brightnessthey will neverhaveand can onlyenvy. poem came from inspiration from Coldplay’s upcoming release on FridayContinue reading “to others, to them”

Defeat and Lemons

I feel defeated all the time. I see people around me – my friends, family members, strangers – being more successful than me. I see them with their groups of close-knit friends, their various volunteer activities and positions of leadership, their happy families… I wonder… Why do I not have that? I work hard atContinue reading “Defeat and Lemons”