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Morning Dreams

The birds chirping,fresh fragrant of flowers– roses, lilies, and the like – Dew on the mown grassilluminated by morning sun,small patches of cloudscovering the morning skyand a slight breeze blows through,smelling like new dreamsand whispering of new futures. Here’s a fresh reminder to enjoy the tiny aspects of your day!!!!!!

What does it mean to live? outin out. eatingdrinking. d a n c i n g. laughing,laughing until tears form,laughing until you can’t breathe,laughing, laughing, laughing. looking at the sunset,revelling in the dance of colors,smiling at your friends’ antics. PRANKS! Enjoying,hugging,kissing,crying,yelling… walking across the colors of the rainbowsand the overwhelming emotions,across green jealousy and blue peaceand gray sadness and brightContinue reading “What does it mean to live?”

A Philosophy Lesson From a Hike

This morning at around 6:40, my family left to hike on one of the trails near our home. It is steep, but not so much to the point that you are gasping after two steps. Our father insisted on running since he hadn’t run yesterday. My sister and I dutifully followed him for a fewContinue reading “A Philosophy Lesson From a Hike”