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One World, Two Different Girls

I wear my hair back,face make-up free,my legs are constantly tappingwithin my loose jeans. I wear my hair long,a hint of blush on my cheeks,my legs still within my heels,skirts swish around my thighs. Sweat does not bother me,not when I run or when I playwith the boys in soccerand I laugh when I score.Continue reading “One World, Two Different Girls”

Female Warrior

of dainty fingers and long hairunbound, smiles in the wind,with dreams of maidenhood,marriage and children. bloody fingers and chopped hairthrown into a ponytail, pain etchedin the slight wrinkles of her smile,dreams of happiness and building a future. brick by brick,calloused hands lift up the world,a platform for the free-form menand the women beneath, the foundationcrumblingContinue reading “Female Warrior”