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drowning in an abyss

a drowning feeling that pulls you under,staring at the edge of the abyss,you wonder how far the drop will be – if it will be a second before the ground meets your lipsor if you will fall for eternity – the absence of feeling, wandering in a daze,hands tug at the edges of the cloudsuntilContinue reading “drowning in an abyss”


melt of snow on mountain caps,the empty stump of a once vital tree,smoke drifting from rubblethe reach of my hand for yours but you drift awaywith the break of the wavescolored red, heartbreak,your tears don’t surface your emotions blind your eyesthe decision made, i see the hatchet bloodshed around us, only my pride left,don’t –Continue reading “don’t”

i’m fine

burying beneath thousand blankets thick,repressed emotions bloomin a garden of thorns and dripping bloodhidden behind masks of happiness,the golden standard of life on a pedestal,admired by pulsing hearts– beating for you, they say – feigned smiles and laughs tighten with lines of tiredness,sadness crashes over when the crowd dissipatestill nothing is left but gasped breathsreachingContinue reading “i’m fine”

explain to me

explain to me lovein all its various forms,bubbles of pink and slashes of redon a glowing white canvas. explain to me worry,the shudders that make its wayinto my body,the chewing of nails, panting breaths. explain to me happiness,gold at the end of a life-long rainbow,and if it can be achievedbefore i fade away into theContinue reading “explain to me”

A Rainbow of Emotions

Colors of rainbowFeelings woven togetherSome clearly defined. Slashes of red paintGreat volcano explosionUnrestrained anger. Dots of orange paintErratic breaths, knees bouncingLoop of nervousness. Splash of yellow paintShimmering golden sunriseSparks of happiness. Sharp cracks of green paintRunning over broken heartPain of jealousy. Soft swirls of blue paintOcean tide retreating backSadness sweeping in. Whirls of purple paintGlidingContinue reading “A Rainbow of Emotions”