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smoky clouds

there’s a lingering smell of smoke in the air. the clouds are gray… ash swirls around us, like an old friend, embracing the fire who has brought ash alive. the sun is red, fiery fireball, about to E X P L O D Eand we can’t help it. cough and cough and cough,but you can’tContinue reading “smoky clouds”


Eco-Friendly Denim Cuff Bracelets

Who knew jean cuffs could make cute bracelets? It’s the perfect material – stretchy yet sturdy. Different colors of threads put a pop of color. Your creativity can run wild, especially if you are a much more advanced sewer than I am. Furthermore, you’re upcycling old jeans which probably cost you a lot when youContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Denim Cuff Bracelets”