otherworldly etherealstrange features, lilting languageencompassing fear, inspiring aweone-hundred differences, one-hundred similaritiesraven beauty, exotic laughter,milky-white throat, wine-red lips,kind words, broken tears… the people’s jealousy,the noose around her neck,the rope snaps,no sound,all is lost otherworldly beautygolden halo, ruby blood,too beautiful for this world we reject those different from us.

The Different Pieces of Love

Love – golden bubble – happinessTrue love’s kissto wake the sleeping beautyfrom her deep slumber.Pot of overflowing goldat the end of a wonderful,colorfulrainbow. love is like drinking firewhiskeywith the sharp burn of painand the feeling of elationand being high off of fumesthat follows. Love:self-love, love between partners, loving friends,love within family members, love between strangers,love,Continue reading “The Different Pieces of Love”

One World, Two Different Girls

I wear my hair back,face make-up free,my legs are constantly tappingwithin my loose jeans. I wear my hair long,a hint of blush on my cheeks,my legs still within my heels,skirts swish around my thighs. Sweat does not bother me,not when I run or when I playwith the boys in soccerand I laugh when I score.Continue reading “One World, Two Different Girls”

Thirty Days of Twists and “Self-Care”

We have so much time at home now. And so much free time. And, honestly, because we’re away from social influences, this is one of the most perfect times to have some fun. Reinvent yourself. People are already doing this. They’re dying their hair, changing the way their hair looks, etc. I got my inspirationContinue reading “Thirty Days of Twists and “Self-Care””

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