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my city

more than 16 years, i spenttreading cracked sidewalks dreams extending to the skylinesinvisible to mortal eyes small city girllying on carpets of dried grass,sticks uncomfortably in my backand the absence of stars beige and gray and greenor, rather, the absence of greenpainted with artificial and the close-knitted community(wait – i didn’t even know my neighbors’Continue reading “my city”



when young, tartness hides behind unmatured fruits of labor,a thick skin covering its stubborn soulfrom the ground meeting its green heart.sunshine lets its rays cover its body with a blanket of warmth,and, slowly, the ice of its skin begins to melt,until a sweetness blooms beneath blotchy red cheeks i was thinking about eating a mangoContinue reading “mango”


they have always accused you of being too wasteful. *** you peel the crust off your bread, scattering crumbs across the table, far and wide. next to you, you can see your father grimacing at the brown parts that lay discarded against the white porcelain of your plate. your bread looks much more tasteful toContinue reading “wasteful”

A Description of School

Rectangular buildings of medium heightSquat around the cracked cement,Fighting against the willowing trees for favor from the starsOverlook white paint slashes against dark green grassStudents with rallying cries fill the stadium,Lights flush against the rapidly setting darkness of the night. Sun fondly looking down,Bell rings at exactly 7:45am,And students file reluctantly into classroomsThe stifling pressureContinue reading “A Description of School”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1- Describing My Personality

30 Day Writing Challenge! Do it with me! Describing my personality is like describing a white wall with splatters of multi-colored paint on it. I’m deeply sarcastic. Right now, I’m rolling my eyes because I accidentally deleted this post before I was going to publish it. I am a secret hopeless romantic, although I amContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1- Describing My Personality”