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of “love” forgotten

words are never enough.English words of love, heart, and beauty thrown around in society without another thought,forgotten, trodden on,superficial – a smile that doesn’t reach your eyes,kisses from habit, not from the heart.moonlight skips across the surface of the lake, rippling. the stone sinks from its burdened grief – i try to reach you, butContinue reading “of “love” forgotten”

A Day in the Life of a High Schooler in Quarantine

It’s boring. Everything’s boring right now. Happiness is subjective. Others may be happy in quarantine, but I’m aching to go out. (But the staying at home part instead of going to school is great! So is the “happiness is subjective” part.) I will be giving you a day in the life of a high schoolerContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a High Schooler in Quarantine”

Day 23: Opposite Day

Opposite day was today’s challenge. Or shall I say, wasn’t today’s challenge? 😉 I really wish today ended up on a Wednesday. It would be a perfect combination. Anyhow, it was a bit hard to wire my brain around opposites and saying things in the opposite tense, but I eventually got it worked out. OfContinue reading “Day 23: Opposite Day”