conversation about stars

why i believe in the stars? it’s a novelty i have never seen – a night sky with millions of pinpoint dots of light shining through — through what? what? why? how? when? where? the five questions of life. back on point, i am not an optimistic person. i prefer to see myself as aContinue reading “conversation about stars”

hero isolated

sea of lights floating beneath shadowy hills,darkness envelopes your figure – you are the only one left in this world,isolated, you fend off the shadows alone,the champion of the light no one knows – you watch civilization below you,their ingenious starlight captured in containers,staving away the claws at night. and you – you watch fromContinue reading “hero isolated”

dark influence

My life is contained to this house. White walls on white walls. Wooden floor. The planks never creak. Everything is in place. Nothing is out of order. At exactly 7am, I wake up. (I don’t use an alarm because I remember you used to tell me alarms were for the weak.) I get out ofContinue reading “dark influence”

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