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true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant

chains on our choices,true freedom is misleadingdetermined by wants – think about it. when you had the ‘freedom’ to choose your drink choice, it wasn’t really freedom at all. your choice was determined by your innate desire for sprite. you didn’t choose to like sprite. you just liked it. so, you see, the term freedomContinue reading “true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant”


Chasing Away Grief

gray skies, pearl tears,ivory keys, wooden walls,golden pedals, shattered hearts,trembling fingers, heaving chest. she is seated at the piano. only her back faces you. but you can picture her face. the tears rolling down her porcelain white cheeks, bouncing off the ivory keys, and into her lap. her fingers are trembling – you can tellContinue reading “Chasing Away Grief”