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today: georgia – cold

it’s the screams,white massage parlor wallspainted with spatters of red – pop, pop, pop – black hair matted against cold forehead – how long as it been – pain, it’s the pain, burning ice-cold, ice-hot,eyes forever closed, lost to the gates of heaven – or is it hell here? where Americansattack their own? have weContinue reading “today: georgia – cold”

rainy day dreams

rainy day drearywith water blues drippingdown crying window panes. beneath hug of warm blanketgrateful heat a cocoonagainst chills creeping up. in sweet pillows of dreamswith galaxies of unique colorbeaming across dark matter. flying among the cloudsuncaged by the confines of a human body,past glittering Little Dipper. past heaven’s tears dripping onto your back,precious water likeContinue reading “rainy day dreams”

winter wonderland

twinkling lights burning up the dark night,rivalling the stars,lighting the way for lost travellers,like you and i. the roads are dark, slick with rainfall,the chill sneaks past the car doors,but your hand in minewarms my soul enough. the snowmans and santaswave as we pass by,if we listen hard enough,we can hear the bells from theContinue reading “winter wonderland”


winter is herewith blustering windsand gentle rain(no snow here)caressing your eyelasheswith red spots of color in your cheeksrenewing lifewith frostbitten coldfrom wandering roots of plantsto the frozen boots of my feet. AH! First day of winter! I personally don’t like winter, but I do like everything that symbolizes winter and everything winter stands for. SoContinue reading “winter”