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warm glow through the roomfiltered orange and yellow flickering, dancing across the blank wallsand the contours of your face,tracing the edges of the warm blanketcovering your bare body,the curves of your legs the dips of your hipsthat impish grin you give mewhen the sunlight shines across your red lipsthat taste like hot chocolatesloshing in yourContinue reading “fireplace”

Christmas Heartbreak

chilly frost on window pane,window pain burning my fingers,icicles dripping from broken-starry eyesfreezing on the pane –the pain like acid on Christmas spiritpouring gasoline and dropping a lit matchon our – my – Christmas treetill the presents are nothing but ashesfloating in the bright blue lightand my heart glass shardsstomped underneath your footbeneath the glisteningContinue reading “Christmas Heartbreak”