i wish for you

i wish for you nothing but the best,nothing but the best for you,my future,my dear,your tiny hands, your tiny feet,your big, big heart,i wish for you everything i didn’t have,all the good and the bad,i wish for you the lows and the highs,the pain and the calm,and, above all,i wish for you a future,a brightContinue reading “i wish for you”

broken trust

authority figuresteachers, bosses, adults, parents ignore my criesplease, they hurt me at home, please.no, they don’t, child, you are delusional. ignore my bruisesmy eye – it hurts – it’s black and mottled greenyou fell, you clumsy child. ignore my sadnessi’m drowning. please, i need help. please.do you want attention that bad, child? ignore mei amContinue reading “broken trust”

Thoughts of a Child

Whimsical, light-hearted thoughts of a child the wind is blowing wheeeeeeeeand the swing is slowly swinging side to side,but i hate swings. and my mom won’t let me eat ice-cream (apparently, it’s unhealthy) so i decided i wasn’t going to speak to her todaybut then i got a cut on my kneeand then i hadContinue reading “Thoughts of a Child”

The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child

MotherOh, how I must watch over my little child,Her dainty fingertips reaching into the air,Her smile lighting up the world around her.Trips and falls, A scream of fear utters from my lips,The rocks of which lie a good yard from her,Are too close,And I gently hoist her up,Back to the house. Oh, how I missContinue reading “The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child”

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