lectures and pain

it’s the same old thing, day after day,you sit me down on the couch, tell me howi’ve failed you, fallen short of your goals,lecture me on all the things you wish i could beand wait for an apologyrescinding my mistakes and all my gracehate to disappoint you to your facebut the door’s open, kicked onContinue reading “lectures and pain”

mother’s journey

gently, she kissesthe top of her baby’s head,wishing for the best she carries the houseon her well-worn tired shoulders – her baby gurgles nights filled with worriesof her baby – her future – tear tracks carved in deep the wrinkles of timemark her face as her baby grows and blossoms sweet till the day arrivedwhenContinue reading “mother’s journey”

i wish for you

i wish for you nothing but the best,nothing but the best for you,my future,my dear,your tiny hands, your tiny feet,your big, big heart,i wish for you everything i didn’t have,all the good and the bad,i wish for you the lows and the highs,the pain and the calm,and, above all,i wish for you a future,a brightContinue reading “i wish for you”

broken trust

authority figuresteachers, bosses, adults, parents ignore my criesplease, they hurt me at home, please.no, they don’t, child, you are delusional. ignore my bruisesmy eye – it hurts – it’s black and mottled greenyou fell, you clumsy child. ignore my sadnessi’m drowning. please, i need help. please.do you want attention that bad, child? ignore mei amContinue reading “broken trust”

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