Trying to Change

Trying. Trying. Trying. Until tear tracks run down my face. Until I am lost, wandering down a leaf-strewn path in a forest. Rip away parts of my heart. Crush it. Change it. Make it better. Make it fit into others’ expectations. Make it fit into society. Sew it back on. And I keep trying. KeepContinue reading “Trying to Change”

5 Ways To Deal With Change

Recently, one of my soccer teammates secretly told me that she was leaving the team. She was one of my best friends on my team, and the person that I hung out with the most. So, naturally, I was devastated. I am someone who does not deal with change very well. I am someone whoContinue reading “5 Ways To Deal With Change”

The Crisis of Climate Change: Overwhelming the World

And, yet, the summer heat continues roiling in. Despite the recent protests and the coronavirus, the heat rises and rises, until, soon, all of us will succumb. But that’s a problem that lawmakers and politicians keep dancing around. Climate change, or, rather, climate warming is a serious problem around the world. Our president’s actions haveContinue reading “The Crisis of Climate Change: Overwhelming the World”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9- Happiness is Subjective

Ah. I get to use my favorite phrase again. Happiness is subjective. Truly, it is. For one person, drawing fantastical characters on paper makes them happy. For another, drawing makes them frustrated and angry, and makes them want to throw paper cups across the room (Me!). But happiness is not feeling happy. It’s feeling contentContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 9- Happiness is Subjective”

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