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Day 23: Opposite Day

Opposite day was today’s challenge. Or shall I say, wasn’t today’s challenge? 😉 I really wish today ended up on a Wednesday. It would be a perfect combination. Anyhow, it was a bit hard to wire my brain around opposites and saying things in the opposite tense, but I eventually got it worked out. OfContinue reading “Day 23: Opposite Day”

Day 22: Probable Board Game

Yesterday’s challenge was to build a board game. Together. But combined with my sister’s preoccupation with another activity and my limited time at night, it was not finished until today. And, even now, it really isn’t finished. And I’m not exactly sure how it is a board game. Now, it’s more like a picture. AContinue reading “Day 22: Probable Board Game”

Day 21: Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine

Can you believe it is day twenty one already? I’m personally scared. Time passes by too fast. Anyways, there wasn’t really a challenge today, besides celebrating my sister’s birthday in quarantine. I can’t really attest to how her birthday was. But I can tell it from my perspective. 5:20 am: I wake up, stretching. I’mContinue reading “Day 21: Celebrating a Birthday in Quarantine”

Day 19: Writing a Short Play Script

My sister’s not a big writer. In fact, she hates writing. So, when it was my time to choose our challenge for yesterday, I chose writing. Specifically a play script. Even a day late, we’re still not done, and it’s extremely cheesy and kind of stupid. But, you know… Life is short! So write aContinue reading “Day 19: Writing a Short Play Script”

Day 20: French Toast and Dalgona Coffee

French toast is great. So is Dalgona Coffee. And so is making your own breakfast. In the morning, it’s usually toast and cereal. The perfect and easiest breakfast combination. So, this morning, I was like, I don’t have much time (only an hour), but I want to make something fancy. And then I came upContinue reading “Day 20: French Toast and Dalgona Coffee”

Day 18: No Phones

People say teenagers can’t live without their phone. We’re glued to it. We can’t take our eyes from it. So I thought this challenge would be hard, especially considering how much YouTube I watch. And YouTube was off limits this challenge too, so… I survived. And it was much easier. We set out our phonesContinue reading “Day 18: No Phones”

Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort

Fridays are for relaxing. And what better way for relaxing than building a pillow fort? Pillow forts are the epitome of relaxation. In fact, when you picture relaxation, you picture a pillow fort. At least, you will after reading this. The key aspects of a pillow fort are comfort, something in the middle to giveContinue reading “Day 16: Building a Pillow Fort”

Day 15: Mother’s Day DIY Present

Mother’s Day is coming. It’s this Sunday, May 10. With the stay-at-home order in place, we have three options: Amazon, risk going to a store to buy something, or DIY. Being teenagers and having no access to an Amazon account, DIY was the only option. As a result, we put our computer to use andContinue reading “Day 15: Mother’s Day DIY Present”

Day 14: Dress Up Party

All teenagers do is worry about how they look. It’s a common sign of being a teen. When I was in elementary school, I don’t remember putting much thought and effort into how I looked. My mom always reprimanded me on not caring enough. I was like, whatever. Anyways, it was kind of fun todayContinue reading “Day 14: Dress Up Party”