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is it wrong to not want to fly?

am i broken if i choose not to fly? these wings weren’t made for a broken butterfly,translucent shimmering strands of silkto adorn the beauty of a reigning monarch,the caterpillar on the ground shies away from flying. society’s standards push us out of our nestto watch us fly – it is the inevitable for every humanContinue reading “is it wrong to not want to fly?”

My Lovely Broken Butterfly

Alone we face our fears,Shrunken heart breaking down in tears.Hush, they tell us not to cry,My lovely broken butterfly. Red lipstick, cracked smile,Sharp mascara hiding pain exiled.Broken glass within soft curls,Scarred neck adorned with pure pearls. Weary through hundred difficult trials,Heartbeat hollow, one for each mile.Seams slowly picked apart,Shattered wings, broken heart. Soldier, pick upContinue reading “My Lovely Broken Butterfly”