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gnawingbones shattering,drums pounding – hollow, hollow, hollow –the buzzing intensifies,black and white vision –broken, breaking, gone –tingles run up your spine,sweat builds,the room is burning,burning burning burningthere is nothing here,nothing,shrieks, building in your ears,you can’t breathe – nothing,nothing, nothing – no air,lungs constrict, air disappears, the breathsfrantic, help!you shriek silentlyand there is nothing left.


To Triumph Over the Shadows

He had lived his entire life in the shadows. Shadows of the past, shadows of his father, shadows of his brother. Every action he made was criticized. Every word he said was compared to those who already passed. And, slowly but surely, his proud shoulders drooped, his eyes stopped shining, and his laugh stopped echoingContinue reading “To Triumph Over the Shadows”