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the wall rises in front of me,looming like a monster whose hungerprecedes all human thoughts. my hands ache from gripping the bricks – cuts and bruises bloom with vibrant ferocity. my knees ache from falling too many times from the top,the left leg bent at an unnatural angle missing a shoe. mud covers my legsContinue reading “fighter”

The Broken One

Broken words, shattered mirror,Tears ricochet, shouts linger,Bruises in shape of butterfly on stomach. Held by chains against rock,Raging storm surround,Screams unheard, alone. Crawl across sand, Wind ferocious biting into skin,Raw knees, raw soul. Beg for forgiveness,Pushed back down, back screaming,Waves relentless on your shore. Broken soul, broken tears,He says “I’m sorry, can you forgive?”Buys youContinue reading “The Broken One”