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drowning in an abyss

a drowning feeling that pulls you under,staring at the edge of the abyss,you wonder how far the drop will be – if it will be a second before the ground meets your lipsor if you will fall for eternity – the absence of feeling, wandering in a daze,hands tug at the edges of the cloudsuntilContinue reading “drowning in an abyss”


breathe: inhale and exhale

inhale it works just fine,you and me,harmonies that intertwineinto longing melodies. your lovelights up the graywith silver highlightsof dreamy smiles. you taught me color,how to light upthe night skywith bright fireworks. exhale but i am shattered glassall jagged edgespieces of broken,unable to be fixed. and these cuts within megrow deeper by daytill i know theContinue reading “breathe: inhale and exhale”