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stages of winter to spring

i. together (you are perfect for me.) together we were beautiful.together we were two halves of a puzzle piece.together we fit.together, we were one. ii. honeymoon (i love you.) honeymoon – we loved each other – honeymoon – we fascinated each other – honeymoon – we were gold to each other – honeymoon – weContinue reading “stages of winter to spring”


Young Love

i. birth Seems like we were born yesterday,downy hair and petal skin,fresh from mother’s womband bawling lustily. ii. the beginnings Fingers touching shyly,interlocked, we promised each othereternity and life. iii. first fight Betrayal and anger,explosive fights, words sharp as glasslost in a whirlstorm of sandand insecurities. iv. forgiveness Tears ran down your shoulders,as I bawledContinue reading “Young Love”