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The Plight of the Book-Lover

My whole life is spent between the well-worn pages of musty books from the ancient library in our city. My hands are wrinkled from paper-cuts by turning the pages too quickly. My mind is sharpened and ever-wandering, walking the different worlds outside of the chaotic Earth I live in. I look for the fantastical. IContinue reading “The Plight of the Book-Lover”


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13- Favorite Book

I’ve read many books in my fifteen years of living. Maybe too many books. Yet no book, or, rather, series hit me directly in my heart than the Throne of Glass series. The characters in the book were well-rounded and had their own flaws, much like a regular human. But no character really vibed withContinue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13- Favorite Book”

The Case of Reading During the Pandemic

We are currently stuck in our homes, waiting for the social-isolation ban to lift. New Zealand has already lifted it ban, declaring its country virtually covid-19 free. There are many other countries who have followed suit or have already done so. And those in the United States, like me, are watching the growing covid-19 casesContinue reading “The Case of Reading During the Pandemic”

“All American Boys” Book Review: Grappling with Racism, Loyalty, and Violence

All American Boys, written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, grapples with racism, and parallels very closely to the George Floyd incident of today. It is the very epoch of the movement between black lives matter versus blue lives matter. The truth versus the lie. Justice versus loyalty to one’s own blood. Rashad, a blackContinue reading ““All American Boys” Book Review: Grappling with Racism, Loyalty, and Violence”