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is there a reason why my heart beats? is there a reason why my lungs continue to draw breath? the air that keeps me alive,the blood that flows through my veins,nothing is enough to fill the space within me,an empty vacuum of nothingthat used to be something that used to be everything but my soulContinue reading “missing”

light and shadow

in the light… sparkling glitterpainting red porcelain lipssoft smile, rosy cheeks voice of an angelfallen from the high heavensgolden harp in hand a powerful soulcrushing expectationsshattered records left. in the shadows… pearly drops of bloodspill from cracked lips of raw skintears drip on bare floor a hoarse voice destroysher self-worth; mic thrown asidei can neverContinue reading “light and shadow”

the land where the sun no longer shines

in a kingdom,many, many centuries ago,adorned with golden wreaths and silver laurelsand towering crystal castles,something rotted on the inside. amidst the pretty faces and handsome smiles,the golden hair and twinkling eyes,a tendril of darkness grew in their soul,roaring for anger and madness and bitterness. so in their kingdom, beautiful and tall,the sunlight heralded a newContinue reading “the land where the sun no longer shines”