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jewel-toned fingers

jewel-toned fingersof turquoise blue,to give and nurturewithin its palm,to destroy with its wrist. jewel-toned fingersof turquoise blue,trapped withinconfines of land,suffocated with human filth. jewel-toned fingersof turquoise blue,wipe tearsfrom dying children,cry outfor vengeance, for justice,for revenge. jewel-toned fingersof turquoise blue,blackened,dying,dead.


Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School

We find sexual assault immensely hard to talk about. Even in my high school, there is a lack of conversation about this topic, regarding both females and males because, yes, males can be sexually assaulted as well. There may be an outcry in the public world and social media world about MeToo and greater supportContinue reading “Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School”

Burdens and Secrets: Opening Your Eyes

Just because someone carries it well does not mean it is not heavy. Anonymous We look at the people around us, and see people who have better lives than us. We look at ourselves and think that we are lowly creatures who are less intelligent and less beautiful than them. Yet everyone around you carriesContinue reading “Burdens and Secrets: Opening Your Eyes”