seasons personified

spring immortal youth shines,rain and warmth forged gentle skiesunder gold heavens summer and icarus died,golden pride burning awayblue waters calm rage autumn Death carried summer,fair mistress buried beneathshroud of burnt red leaves winter exhaling last breath,now Death returned to claim allwhite snow – the graveyard


unto the beginning of winterwhere snow shalt falland branches bare bear their souls proudto silver-lined skies weepingpearly treasures fallen from the heavens. unto the beginning of springand flowers shalt bloombearing altruistic honey-suckled petalsopen to six-legged outcasts flying free in the light breeze. unto the beginning of summerwhere the sun shalt beam its angry beamson shriveledContinue reading “seasons”

golden dreams

when i fall asleep at nightwith my hair finally loose,i dream of golden dreamswith shimmering veilsand heart-wrenching laughsand smiles that take my breath awayto a land that i never want to forgetwhere my fingers skim the surface of clear lakesand my feet tread autumn leaveslined upon a soft dirt roadunderneath a bright blue skywhere autumnContinue reading “golden dreams”

start of autumn

chill of a cool breeze,breathtaking golden sunlight,autumn leaves falling I just went walking, and came up for the inspiration for this piece. It is simply beautiful right now in sunny California, with the mountains with their snow-capped peaks and the golden sunlight filtering through tree branches, coupled with the yellow, orange, and red leaves lyingContinue reading “start of autumn”

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