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some days i look back on my drafts,twenty-six of them messily piled,all untitled,contents swirling around me in nostalgic confusionbefore settling down in the middle of a stormteenage angst bleeding through the pagesof half-written manuscripts and abandoned poems,saved until a later datebut never finished i was looking at my drafts today. oof, i remember exactly whatContinue reading “drafts”


forever lasting stresseschilling me to the bonetill my fingers are numband face is blue,the pages that pile upthey say for my gainmake my breaths chokemy throat seizesat the red letter marksdefining my gradesrhythmic stampsof classes passed and checkedthe failure of failingis too hightill my hair is clawed outbloody tear tracks down my eyesand sleepless nightswithContinue reading “stresses”

Christmas Heartbreak

chilly frost on window pane,window pain burning my fingers,icicles dripping from broken-starry eyesfreezing on the pane –the pain like acid on Christmas spiritpouring gasoline and dropping a lit matchon our – my – Christmas treetill the presents are nothing but ashesfloating in the bright blue lightand my heart glass shardsstomped underneath your footbeneath the glisteningContinue reading “Christmas Heartbreak”

the last time

i made your hospital bed the last time today,mum,where you used to lay,your pale face waxen against white sheets,as you wondered who i was. i removed the flowers from your bed the last time today,mum,where you used to smell them when you were welland smiled at them when you weren’t. i walked out your hospitalContinue reading “the last time”