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the angelic mad queen

call me a failurewith your pitiful voices,bitter faces,don’t forget to mention all my mistakes – the incident back in sixth and seventh,break down all my intercepted ambitions,laugh at the tears sliding down my face – deep voice of dogmatic lies,point out my broken fingers –ripped-up papers screwed-up hatredmessed-up judgements thrown-up and down, a roller-coaster withContinue reading “the angelic mad queen”

light and shadow

in the light… sparkling glitterpainting red porcelain lipssoft smile, rosy cheeks voice of an angelfallen from the high heavensgolden harp in hand a powerful soulcrushing expectationsshattered records left. in the shadows… pearly drops of bloodspill from cracked lips of raw skintears drip on bare floor a hoarse voice destroysher self-worth; mic thrown asidei can neverContinue reading “light and shadow”


sunlight ripples across open curtains –fluttering cloth painted with shadesof white and yellow –light playing across your face –shimmering radiance controlled by a greater hand than mine – my finger trailing across your nose bridge,basking in the velveteen feel of your soft skin beneathcalloused fingers. sunlight glimmers and distorts,light caressing your yellow strands of hairtillContinue reading “ethereal”