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rusted chains snap with a metallic clang of finality. you tied me up with ropes that chafed at my wristthrew me in a dungeon, submerged me in ice,is it because i refused to paint your golden palace floors in yellow bloodred droplets in a circle – the choker around your neck – yeah, i bleedContinue reading “papillon”

still waiting

minutes pass, clock ticks,the breeze – tick tock – flutters by,sunrises, sunsets I suppose this haiku is more reminiscent of the terrible waiting that is going on in America. Still waiting… Who will come out on top? Biden or Trump? And, still, the ballots are endless, the clock keeps ticking, and the American people keepContinue reading “still waiting”

Please, Vote.

I do not know many things. My ignorance comes from age, among other cages that entrap me. The books my fingers flit through only tell so much. (Only tell one side of the story.) The internet is vast. Too fast for me to follow. I do not try. I do know elections in the UnitedContinue reading “Please, Vote.”

A Conversation About Color

With all the conflict and tension about race, I feel it only necessary to talk about my experience of being Asian. Although it is not at all similar to being black, nor do we have to deal with the level of racism that is directed to being black, being Asian is an enlightening experience intoContinue reading “A Conversation About Color”