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hero isolated

sea of lights floating beneath shadowy hills,darkness envelopes your figure – you are the only one left in this world,isolated, you fend off the shadows alone,the champion of the light no one knows – you watch civilization below you,their ingenious starlight captured in containers,staving away the claws at night. and you – you watch fromContinue reading “hero isolated”

empty chairs

yet the sun still manages to shineamong a sky of brilliant blue hues,rising in the east and settling in the west,where it nestles in the cradled arms of night. there is still laughter on the streets,floating whimsically between mere strangers,and knowing smiles pass like secret love-notesin the back of classes that i no longer careContinue reading “empty chairs”

imperfections and flaws

my body in the mirrorspeaks of only disgust and anger.too fat, too skinny,my body is nothing. why is my hair so wrong?it’s too curly, too straight, too wavyit won’t stay in place, it’s ugly compared to hers. makeup won’t hide my acne or my scarsnor how my eyes are tilted at the edgesor how myContinue reading “imperfections and flaws”